Plasma Pen

The Plasma Pen is the world’s leading cosmetic Plasma application device, providing a non-invasive fibroblasting sublimation treatment, targeting fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, stretch marks and pigmentation.

How Plasma Pen Works

The Plasma Pen encourages skin tightening using a continuous direct energy source – ionizing nitrogen and oxygen in the air to create plasma gas. During the procedure, tiny plasma flash is being discharged from the tip of the Plasma Pen handpiece. The Plasma Pen significantly tightens, lifts, resurfaces, rejuvenates and regenerates practically any area of the skin. Results continue to improve significantly over the next several months.

The Plasma Pen delivers completely natural soft-surgery plasma fibroblasting with stunning, long lasting results. It is entirely designed to dramatically repair, reverse and mitigate the negative effects of ageing by using our state-of-the-art nitrogen plasma technology, hard science, sophisticated technique, best practice training and support plus all the best pre and post treatment and care.

 The Plasma Pen Advantage

The Plasma Pen delivers brighter, more continued youthful appearance with minimal downtime. The results of the treatment are virtually immediate and incredible long-lasting without the need for fillers or surgical correction.

It is a cost-effective and highly compelling alternative to all other medi-aesthetic procedures you may know – including injectables, fillers, microneedling, laser, mesotherapy and chemical peels and compliments and even competes with most (if not all) cosmetic surgery procedures.

  • German made, lightweight, ergonomic & intelligent design that’s easier, faster, more comfortable and more intuitive to use than any of the alternatives
  • Super-efficient, reliable, consistent and effective delivery of nitrogen plasma with fingertip, on-demand control
  • Ultra-fine 0.2mm and 0.4mm nano-probes (plus the world’s first dual probe) and fractional, permeating tips all of which underpin rapid and super-precision treatment for technicians and deliver shorter downtimes, faster recovery and dramatically improved results to their end clients
  • Plasma Pen’s unique and exclusive screw-in, stainless steel, individually sealed and hygienic probes which can be bent, adapted and directed at will allowing technicians to work safely from any angle with absolute precision and predictability to deliver truly meticulous and safe procedures to patients
  • AC-powered, “plug and play” device so no transformers, no power packs and no batteries (all of which can compromise the effective creation and delivery of plasma) guarantees a continuous and consistent flow of energy alongside an indefinite running time
  • Manufacturer warranty of up to 3 years

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