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RKOmni Bioceutical Innovations TaC (TREATMENT and CARE) category lines of products are designed to help promote rapid recovery and reduction of downtime of aesthetic procedures and treatments. This novel skincare and haircare line of human growth factor serums are perfect in tandem with post procedures such as micro ablative laser, micro needling, peels and other treatments.

What makes up the Omni difference…. concentrated levels of targeted human stem cell derived growth factors, cultured and obtained from FDA approved laboratories, which makes these the highest quality of clinical grade post recovery products in the market today.

Upon the recommendation of many industry leaders and physicians in the Aesthetic field, Omni has created a collaboration of what we feel are some of the best products for post recovery and have included them all in an easy to use kit. Omni is proud to announce it has partnered with Bi02 and has exclusive use of its “AminoQPlex”, one of the most studied groups of amino acids in the wound recovery field. With 20 years of experience and studies in this field these products are the perfect complement to the TaC Core Recovery Complex and TaC Boost Recovery Mask.

USAGE: The Omni Recovery Kit contains five products. Please see the detailed suggested use sheet contained in the kit for a proposed treatment protocol. Most patients following a microQ ablative treatment will have the TaC Core Recovery Complex & AminoQPlex Spray applied at the medical office post treatment followed by the occlusive Protective Recovery Balm. The suggested at home protocol is to have the patient start with clean fingers while using the rest of the products in the Recovery Kit. Patients should start and end their day by performing the following: 1. Wash face with Azulene Cleanser to remove the balm, while keeping the treated area moist. 2. Apply AminoQPlex Spray and allow light mist to absorb. 3. Apply the Protective Recovery Balm in a thin even coat over the treated area. 4. A few days post procedure, when the skin begins to feel tight and or itchy, gently open and unfold the TaC Boost Recovery Mask.

5. Apply to the face, and relax for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove mask and gently massage remaining product into the skin. More masks can be applied once daily as needed.

Store in a cool, dark space.

INGREDIENTS: Core Recovery Complex, Boost Recovery Mask, Protective Recovery Balm, Rinseable Azulene Cleanser, and AminoQPlex Spray.

PRODUCT ID: 10PL.004.12

UNIT SIZE: 5 products

INTENDED USERS: Professionals

Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. For external topical use only.